Past Students

Post Doctoral Fellow

Peter Yaron, PhD - Chemical Engineering
Current position: Lexmark

Graduate Students:

Zhixia Zhong - PhD, Chemical Engineering, graduated 5/10
Thesis: Structural and Mechanical Roles of Spectrin Repeat Proteins in Nucleated Cells and Implications on Muscular Dystrophy
Current position: maternity leave

Alexandre J.S. Ribeiro - PhD, Biomedical Engineering, graduated 12/10
Thesis: Mechanics of the Nucleus in Differentially Uncommitted Cells
Current position: postdoctoral fellowship Stanford University

Agnieszka Kalinowski - MD-PhD Student, Biomedical Engineering, graduated 12/11
Thesis: Lamin A Tail Domain Variants and their Membrane Association
NIH-NRSA predoctoral fellowship
Current position: completing medical degree at UPMC

Elizabeth A. Booth-Gauthier, graduated 5/12
Thesis: Mechanoresponsive Characterization of the Nucleus with Implication in Aging
Current position: postdoctoral fellowship UC Berkeley


Julia T. Philip - Masters Student, Chemical Engineering, graduated 12/07
MS thesis: Nuclei Respond to Extracellular Shear Stress by Upregulating and Reorganizing Lamins

Chao-Kuei "Eric" Wang - Masters Student, Chemical Engineering, graduated 12/06
MS thesis: Actin polymerization in vitro and the Effects of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes

Richard Taylor - Masters Student, Biomedical Engineering, graduated 05/11
MS thesis: Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells: Injection Response and Socio-Economic Hurdles to Clinical Utility

P. Alexander Short - Masters Student, Biomedical Engineering, graduated 05/11
MS thesis: The Mechanics of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes Effects on Cellular Mechanisms
Aishwarya Sukumar - Masters Student, Biomedical Engineering, graduated 05/12
MS thesis: Altering deformability of chromatin and the nucleoskeleton in cancer cells

Undergraduate Students:

Matthew Woodling
Alice Peiying Wang
Sunhoo Kim
Andy SiWei Chang
Alexandra German
Nicholas Wren

Nikunja Kolluri
Sarah Brothers
Ryan Chehanske
Scott Chapman
Alexa Beaver
Joshua Taylor

SiWon Choi
Priyanka Venkatesh
Turi ASlcoser
Travis Horst